How To Watch NFL On Roku

The Roku Channel Store offers a wide variety of sports channels, including the NFL. The most watched sporting event in the country is the NFL season for 2022, which runs from September 8, 2022, to January 8, 2023. To stream NFL games at any time, you must have the NFL app. With the app, you can live stream every NFL game and the NFL Network. Additionally, you can watch live football games on Roku by downloading the NFL app from the channel store.

Check Football games on ROKU utilizing FUBOTV.

It’s pretty simple, really. Similar to Roku, FuboTV can take the place of your cable set-top box. Once you sign up and launch the fuboTV Roku channel, it functions much like cable. You have a channel guide.

Your DVR is cloud-based. Roku also provides all the channels required to watch the NFL, including FOX, ESPN, NBC, CBS, and NFL Network.
What is the primary distinction?
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  • You can keep it for however long or how little time you want.
  • After the free trial, it costs $59.99 per month, which is only half what a typical cable bill would be.
  • How to start using your Roku to watch fuboTV:
  • Make your login information, then register for the no-cost seven-day trial.
  • On your Roku, add FuboTV.

How do I view NFL games on Roku devices?

 NFL On Roku

Television locations for Sunday Night Football (check the schedule) The only places to watch Sunday Night Football are on NBC and Peacock. This game is the most significant of the week.

In some markets, you can watch NBC if you have a subscription to one of the following streaming services:

  • You can watch NFL games on a variety of broadcasting networks with DirecTV Stream, formerly AT&T TV.
  • These include NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and ESPN in a few markets for about $70 a month.
  • FuboTV: In addition, fuboTV allows broadcasters like NBC, CBS, and FOX to stream Sunday Night Football starting at $70 per month.
  • With Live TV on Hulu, you can stream NFL games on major broadcast networks like NBC, CBS, and FOX for $70 per month.

This season, Amazon Prime is the only place to watch

Thursday night NFL games, as opposed to last year when the games were broadcast on three different networks or services. It is a part of a long-term contract that runs through 2032.

The nationally televised “TNF” game will be streamed every week by Twitch and Amazon.

The teams’ free over-the-air broadcasts will still be available to watch in each of their individual local markets. A preseason game may also be broadcast by Amazon once a year.
We anticipate that, similar to last year, Amazon will broadcast one or two late-season games exclusively as well as a wild-card playoff game that airs on other networks.


The cost of FuboTV, which focuses on sports, is $70 per month. With it, you can watch games in many different business sectors on CBS, Fox, and NBC.
Because FuboTV and ESPN finally agreed to a partnership last year, you now have access to “Monday Night Football.”
However, unlike last year, only Amazon and Twitch are able to stream games on Thursday nights.
Fox has not stated whether it will broadcast 4K games on Sundays; last year, the Thursday night games were broadcast in that higher resolution.
Fox, however, might air Super Bowl LVII in 4K in February.
NFL RedZone is a component of FuboTV’s Sports Plus add-on pack, which costs $11 per month, or the Ultimate plan, which costs $100 per month. It includes game highlights and replays from every Sunday game.


The league’s new streaming service is called NFL+. Previously, NFL Game Pass allowed you to watch almost any game you wanted, but only after the broadcast had ended.

The service has also taken the place of the NFL Mobile app, which let you watch live games on a mobile device.
There are two price tiers.
With the $5 per month basic NFL+ plan, you can watch live games on a smartphone or tablet and access the on-demand NFL Films library.
NFL+ Premium, which costs $10 per month, gives users access to the Coaches Film, which contains all of a game’s plays, as well as full-game and condensed-game replays.
One more thing: If you believe that streaming games from your mobile device to your TV would


You can watch Sunday night NFL games that are broadcast on NBC on Peacock, a streaming service offered by NBCUniversal if you subscribe to one of the paid Peacock services (live football is not available on the free version).
The $5 monthly fee for Peacock Premium’s ad-supported service.
The monthly $10 promotion for free Premium Level additionally eliminates advertisements, but only on nonlive programming.
While NBC hasn’t confirmed whether it will broadcast any NFL games in 4K this season, Peacock has recently added a few 4K movies to its lineup.



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