How To Put Subtitles On HBO Max Roku

HBO Max subscribers have never-ending entertainment. Users can access hundreds of TV shows, movies, HBO Max exclusives, etc. for as little as $10 per month.

Subtitles for HBO Max movies and shows have many benefits. You can use it to expand your vocabulary, practice another language, and help accessibility users.

The best part is that enabling subtitles on a mobile app and a computer is nearly identical. Changing subtitles is device-specific.

Subtitles are helpful when watching TV and movies. HBO Max subtitles are easy to enable.

HBO Max subtitles


HBO Max has several subtitle options. These popular methods are based on the device you use to stream video.

Here’s how to get HBO Max subtitles.

What languages is HBO max?

Subtitled Refer to the movie you’ll see. English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French subtitles are available.

HBO Max Roku download

You must first add HBO Max to your Roku device or Roku TV. How to download HBO Max on Roku.

  • Start Roku or Roku TV.
  • Android Central/Keegan Prosser (Photo: Android Central)
  • Press the Roku home button.
  • Select Streaming, then Search channels. Android Central/Keegan Prosser
  • Virtual keyboard HBO Max search. Android Central/Keegan Prosser

Add HBO Max.
If you subscribed to HBO Now before HBO Max launched, the channel should have updated automatically. If you subscribed to HBO via The Roku Channel before HBO Max launched, your subscription became an HBO Max subscription in February 2021 at no extra cost.

HBO max?

HBO makes its own series and movies, so you’ll have access to exclusive content if you can watch a series on HBO Max. There’s Game of Thrones.

Subtitles on streaming devices

You can access HBO max on many devices, and we’ll explain how to access subtitles on:

iPhone \s PC


FireStick Mac Roku

Samsung, Android, Vizio, Sony, etc.

HBO Max subs FireStick

HBO Max subs FireStick

Using Amazon’s FireStick, it’s easy to enable subtitles on HBO Max. Here are the steps:

  • Watch the video by pressing “Play.”
  • Press “Menu” on the FireStick remote.
  • “Subtitles and Audio”
  • Choose “Language” for subtitles.
  • Press Menu to return to the video after enabling subtitles.

HBO Max Roku

With a Roku streaming device or Roku TV, you can watch HBO Max from your couch. The steps to watch HBO Max on Roku are easy.

  • Select Streaming Channels from home.
  • Tap the HBO Max app.
  • Pick a show or movie to watch.
  • When prompted, log in to HBO Max with your credentials.
  • If asked, choose HBO Max.
  • Once you’ve logged in, you can access the app via Roku without logging in again.

HBO Max price?

On the HBO max page, you can find plans with discounts like paying for one month and getting three months free.

Price list
smartphones, tablets

  • $5
  • 1-by-1
  • Download 5 titles
  • Smartphones/tablets


  • $30
  • Everything
  • 3 gadgets
  • Install 30 4K as well as HD movies
  • Profiles

HBO Max Amazon FireStick subtitles

Amazon’s FireStick recently added HBO Max. HBO Max includes full subtitle functionality, and enabling them is easy. To watch a movie, just press play.

  • Press the Menu button on your FireStick remote.
  • Select Subtitles and Audio.
  • Choose the subtitle language.

HBO Max subs Roku-using

HBO Max recently added Roku (like Amazon’s FireStick). It still has subtitle options. Accessible steps. How to activate HBO Max subtitles on Roku:

  • Choose a title and click “Play.”
  • Press the Roku “Star” button.
  • Enable subtitles by clicking “Closed Captioning.”
  • To return to your video, press “Back” on your remote.


  • Press “Home” on your remote to enter “Main Menu.”
  • “Menu” > “Settings”
  • Select “Accessibility Option”
  • To customize subtitles, select “Captions Mode” and “Captions Preferred Language” Activate and customize their appearance.

Can I make kids’ profiles?

Certainly. You can make a child’s profile. With age-appropriate content.

HBO Max Roku subtitles

  • Roku, another new HBO Max device, has subtitles.
  • Roku subtitles are activated similarly to Firestick subtitles.
  • After pressing play on Roku, press *.
  • Enable closed captions.
  • Press the remote’s upper-left back button to return to your show.


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