Set up Android TV and remote.

You’ll need to set up and connect your remote after getting an Android TV.


Check if:

  • A Wi-Fi network
  • One with Google
  • Unless your TV has Android TV built-in, you need:
  • External Android TV
  • TV or monitor with HDMI and HDCP
  • HDMI cord

Connect Android TV

Android TV and remote.

  • If Android TV is already built into your TV, skip stepping 2.
  • If you have a separate Android TV device, you must:
  • Close your TV or computer.
  • HDMI cable connects Android TV to TV or monitor.
  • Charge your Android TV.

Pair the remote

  • Start the TV or computer.
  • Press Source or Input to change Android TV’s input. TV, remote, and timer should appear.
  • Pair your remote using on-screen instructions.
  • A checkmark appears when the remote connects to the TV. If step 3 fails, try again.

Install Android TV

TV setup options include:

  • Android Quick Start
  • Remote setup
  • Before starting the signup process, choose a language.


Android TV and remote.

“Quickly set up your TV with Android?” Choose Continue or Yes with your remote.
Open Google Android TV on your phone.
“Setup my device”
Listen to your phone for a code. TV code:
Tap your TV’s name on your phone.
Follow your TV setup instructions.
Your TV automatically connects to your phone’s Wi-Fi and Google Account.

Remote setup

“Quickly set up your TV with Android?” Skip with your remote.
System updates may be needed.
Sign in first Remote it.
Google Account sign-in.
Follow on-screen instructions to set up.


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