Learn How To Play Xbox 360

Set up the console


  • Unbox the console
  • What’s in an Xbox 360 game system?
  • Console A/V (varies by console package)
  • ac power
  • Cordless controller
  • 2 AA
  • Headsets (varies by console package)

Step 2:

  • Remove the tape


  • Place the console
  • Your choice of vertical or horizontal placement. Assemble your console in the following location:
  • Away from direct heat sources, well-ventilated.
  • Clear and stable. Do not place anything on, under, or close to the console.

Connect the power

  • First, connect the console’s power supply.
  • Connect the power supply to the power cord.
  • The power cord should then be plugged into an electrical outlet.

link your television to the console

link your television to the console

Most modern consoles come with a composite video/audio cable. This cable connects the console to a regular TV or monitor. This cable does not support HDTV.
If you own an HDTV, Connect an Xbox 360 S or an Xbox 360 to a TV.
The composite audio-video cable connections between an Xbox 360 and a TV are shown.
Composite A/V cable connection to an HDTV or monitor
Connect the A/V cable to the console’s A/V port.
Find your TV or monitor’s A/V ports. Connect the color-coded composite A/V connectors to the TV’s respective ports as follows:
Yellow = composi
Red = RC analogue audio
White = analog audio left
So, tv and Xbox? Now you should see the Xbox Dashboard.
If you don’t see the Xbox Dashboard, try changing the video input. Consult your TV or Entertainment Center’s manual for details.
Change the default parameters to improve video display. See Improve an Xbox 360’s video quality.

Make a connection using the Wire Less Controller

Make a connection using the Wire Less Controller

Start by turning on the console.
Insert the AA batteries into the controller’s battery compartment.
To turn on your controller, press and hold down the middle Guide button for a few seconds. If the controller does not turn on, the batteries should be checked. Use a rechargeable controller and make sure it’s fully charged before you start playing.
On the console, press and hold the connect button for a few seconds.
Keep pressing and releasing the connect button on the controller within 20 seconds.

Things to keep in mind are:

When the flashing lights surrounding the power button on the console stop flashing, the controller has been successfully linked to the console.
A console can support up to four controllers at the same time.
Each linked controller is assigned to one of four different spots on the screen. A lit portion around the power button on the console and the Xbox Guide button on the controller corresponds to each of the four positions.
More information on how to connect a controller to your Xbox 360 console can be found at Connect a controller to your Xbox 360 (in English only).

Activate your console

Activate your console

When you initially start your console, you are requested to:
Choose a language.
So make one!
Set up a network (optional). See the Xbox 360 First-Time Connection Solution for details on connecting to Xbox Live.
Follow the on-screen instructions. Insert a game disc and you’re ready to go.
Note To learn how to change your Xbox 360’s language, visit Dashboard displays content in the wrong language.