Why Fast charging fails on your phone

Fast charging is one of the most looked at devices in recent years. Its launch implies you’ll never wait hours to recharge your phone. Some people report quick charging does not work. If your phone’s quick charging isn’t working, try these simple solutions.


Use the original charger and USB cable

original charger and USB cable

First, make sure you’re using the original USB cable and charging brick that came with your phone.

Phone manufacturers use different methods for quick charging. Using a different charger may not charge your phone as quickly as the original one.

If you’ve replaced your charger and USB cord, make sure it supports fast charging and your phone model. Also, buy one from your phone’s maker.

If that doesn’t work, try the other solutions.

Check fast-charging compatibility

Check fast-charging compatibility

Fast charging:
Good question. Fast charging is a nonspecific word for a faster phone charging rate.

No single standard or charger will fast-charge your phone. Phone, charger, and cable all matter. Different phones charge faster.

Many Android phones support Qualcomm’s QuickCharge, although there are other standards within that. Check your phone’s documentation or specifications to see which standard it supports.

Huawei has its SuperCharge standard. Samsung’s technology is called Adaptive Fast Charging.

Huawei’s 55W SuperCharge for the Mate X is the fastest. The Mate 20 Pro charges at 40W, and iPhones (iPhone 8 or newer) charge at 29W with Apple’s USB-C charger and USB-C to Lightning adapter.

Is my phone fast-chargeable?

If you’re unclear, know your charger’s wattage and your phone’s maximum wattage.

First, check the charger. This may have watts printed on it (like with Apple chargers), or volts and amps.


Your charger can’t fast-charge

Your charger can't fast-charge

Fast charging requires a fast charger. Your phone’s charger probably does, but you may need to buy one separately, as with Samsung S21.

A charger without a Quick Charging, Adaptive Fast Charging, or equivalent label isn’t fast-charging compatible. This charges slowly.

These chargers’ flimsy USB cables can also affect their performance. Before making any improvements, address these two issues.


Charging port clean

Charging port clean

A dirty charging connection also may inhibit quick charging. Dirt or dust in your charger prevents it from working properly.

Remove dirt, filth, and residues with a toothpick or needle. Use rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab to clean the charging port. Put it somewhere cool and dry for an hour. Dock liquid will evaporate naturally.


Turn off wireless data

Turn off wireless data


Turning off Wi-Fi and mobile data can be a smart alternative to power-saving mode. These connections may still take power when you’re not using your phone. Turning them off may accelerate phone charging.

To save time, put your phone in Airplane mode before attaching the charger.


Fast-charging wireless

Fast-charging wireless

Not all phones can fast-charge wirelessly. If your phone supports wireless fast charging, you can buy a charging stand separately.



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