How to solve disney plus buffering issues

Disney owns popular TV and movie titles. Disney Plus launched recently. It’s not a bad service to subscribe to given its title selection. The service is accessible via web browser, mobile apps, and Smart TV apps.

Not loading Disney Plus?

Not loading Disney Plus


Like Netflix, Hulu, and CBS, Disney Plus offers HD streaming. It offers standard or lower resolutions for slow internet.

You can stream in the best quality your internet can handle regardless of your plan.

Fix Disney+ buffering

If Disney Plus buffers, try these fixes.

Speed test

Internet speed check. Slow or high ping can prevent you from streaming Disney Plus.
Ping and speed.
If your internet is slow, check what might be dragging it down and fix it.

2. Reboot the router

Try restarting your router if your internet speed is fine.

20 seconds on the router’s power button.
Let go.
20-second wait.
Turn on the router.

3. Check other devices/downloads

Check other devices/downloads

If other devices on the same network are using it, you’ll share bandwidth. Ensure you have enough bandwidth to stream smoothly. Turn off other devices and check Disney Plus. If so, you need to manage bandwidth.

4. Restart Disney+

Restart Disney Plus. App or browser errors may prevent content from loading.

Mobile app quit;

Tap Android’s multitasking button, then the app’s close button.
On iOS, swipe up and left from the bottom of the screen before opening Disney Plus.
Close your browser to close the Disney Plus desktop.

5. Discuss media streaming with your ISP

Discuss media streaming with your ISP

ISPs throttle media traffic to prevent bandwidth overload and charge more for streaming plans. Your ISP may throttle media streaming. If so, upgrade your plan to stream Disney Plus.


Fixing Disney Plus buffering

Disney Plus has had issues for a few months. Consistent buffering is a common problem that’s easy to fix. These problems are common for new streaming apps. These problems will be solved in the future, but you can fix them now. The software problem can be fixed with the app and device settings. Start with easy fixes.

Check internet

Streaming services require stable internet, causing buffering. Disney Plus streams at 5MB/s on cable Wi-Fi. Disney Plus users should check their data speeds. 25MB for 4K.


App updates aren’t a cause. Problems? App-update. App update may fix the streaming bug. Check the app store.

Delete and reinstall the app if you’re having problems. This method usually works. Restart the device after deleting and installing the app.

Clear cookies, cache

Delete app cache files to keep your device running smoothly. Every app clears cache and cookies. Simply:

Browser launch.
History, privacy.
Empty caches, cookies, and temp files.
Every browser app must be cache- and cookie-free.


Disney+ needs better cables despite software issues. Disney+ requires HDCP 2.2 cables on Smart TV, Fire TV, and other devices. These cables offer fast streaming, which may fix buffering. These cables must fit your device.


Be patient. Stable internet prevents buffering. Low-network areas make streaming slow.

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