Combine TV & Living Room 2022

How to combine TV and wall shelves in living room decoration


Headache when trying to scale the TV on the border in the residential room. Frustrating to not locate the correct position, mainly when the real design of the occupancy room affects counts on it. Riding the TV on the border exists grand when mixed with concave frames because they create the difference not exact. So how to even use a TV stand to lovely, though somehow stop the room and create your living space special, in an agreeable method? Allow Gia Khanh Furniture Match out the information down:

 How to combine TV and wall shelves in living room decoration - Photo 1

Make a certain place for your TV, like the brick border in this graphic. If you accomplish enjoy it to stand release too greatly, paint it in the same color as the rest of the wall. Alternatively, you can count a small glow to create the design more interesting and underline the surface of the wall.


A unique idea, using a wide but low wooden stand to complete the wall-mounted television. It’s an interesting alternative because you don’t need to put the TV on a stand dedicated to it, but use the shelf to store needs.


A custom table is a good choice when you can personalize your needs right and to your taste. This living room has a very interesting wall with a dedicated area for the wall-mounted TV along with beautiful adorning display areas below.

A special wall of wooden planks allows you to create a focal point while still fulfilling its main function. Similar to a fireplace, this entertaining area is separate from the rest of the house. The simple wooden shelf underneath provides enough storage space for all the basic decorations.

You don’t want to install the TV on the wall, add a wooden shelf to this wall. The simple design, with wooden slats firmly attached to the wooden shaft, connects the floor to the ceiling in a very novel way.


The TV frame connects to the wall-mounted boxes like this design. In this particular case, they’re made of stainless steel and they’re great for storing books, DVDs, and other things you might need in your home entertainment area.

How to combine TV and wall shelves in living room decoration - Photo 7

A unique entertainment area that combines open bookshelves of different sizes and enclosed storage space. Speakers that have been mounted near the TV are also a great combination in this design.


The wall-mounted TV is at the heart of the design. Simple design, including a long shelf above, a modern white TV shelf below, with a collapsible design, helping you to store items that are not often used.

How to combine TV and wall shelves in living room decoration - Photo 9

TV frame with a combination of furniture and wall art. Picture frames are of different sizes and placed at different heights, the combination is not uniform but creates a unique space for a modern living room.


If you like minimalist decor, check out this design.

Try color combinations for your interior. The mix of gray and yellow brings freshness and fun.


Connectivity is important in interior design. An interesting concept is to use wooden partitions as shown in the illustration with shelves to form a unified whole in your living room.

How to combine TV and wall shelves in living room decoration - Photo 13

This is a great idea for a modern living room. A wooden shelf below the same color as the floating board above is also very stylish and beautiful.


How to use neutral colors in interior design

By the ways below, neutral colors are best used in furniture in one of two ways:

  • A soft, monochromatic space creates quiet warmth
  • A space that is almost invisible to the transparent neutral colors and strong accents.

For example, consider the difference in a room filled with soft colors like beige, ivory, and gray and one that combines black and white. Neutral tones will always be more subtle than bright flash tones.

Syesred neutral-colored? press picture network

How to use neutral colors in interior design - Photo 6


This can be a highly effective or counterproductive approach to neutrals, depending on the shape of your furniture and architecture. However, neutrals are a great way to remove the visual clutter of a range of more vibrant colors, thereby creating an emphasis and bringing out distinctive lines in your design. Friend.

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How to use neutral colors in interior design - Photo 5

Consider the fact that sometimes intricate designs and architectures will exist in your home or space. To reduce the prominence of all colors in the space, neutral colors will be an effective choice. Instead of using lots of pops of color, you should use bits of color as a strategic focus only on the parts of the interior you want it to be noticed.

Syesred neutral colorto doum s boring


Putting together a custom neutral color palette that perfectly suits your taste and space is very effective. The neutral décor has a distinct aesthetic impact, leaving you with no feeling of boredom from the moment you walk in. The key is to use bold colors as little as possible and to use neutrals with similar undertones.

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If you have an idea of ​​the colors you want to use in the space, it’s much easier to add neutrals throughout the space for the same effect. Also, consider other space constraints, such as natural light (or its absence) and your personal preference for spaciousness and comfort for the best effect.

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Syesred neutral colortoeh? cardboard

How to use neutral colors in interior design - Photo 2

If your space is large and has access to a lot of natural light. You have a whole bunch of neutrals to choose from, there’s nothing to worry about. But if your space is a bit smaller and natural light is limited. You can choose a little neutral color that will brighten up the space more. Darker walls are perfect when you want to create a cozy. Intimate feel in the room, but the effect may not be as expected. if the room is too cramped and dark because of insufficient light.

SyesNeutral color in the same mbshecolor

How to use neutral colors in interior design - Photo 1

Gray is certainly a popular neutral of the moment. But there’s a lot to consider when choosing which shade of gray (or any neutral) you should use. While contrast in decoration and design is good, conflict and inconsistency mean the opposite. For example, with warm dark walls, will work well with a navy blue sofa nice looking but it would be completely wrong if you put an orange sofa in it. Finally, using neutral colors in your decor will help you love the classic space longer than you think.