How To Sign In Amc Plus On Roku

What is AMC+

AMC plus debuted in June 2020. Unlike Netflix and Hulu, AMC+ is usually purchased through a cable provider or other streaming services.

AppleTV+ subscribers can add AMC+. You can buy the AMC+ app for Roku, Apple TV, or Fire TV on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Seven-day AMC Plus free trial.

AMC+ subscribers can stream AMC shows like The Walking Dead and Mad Men, Shudder, Sundance Now, and IFC Films Unlimited.

AMC+’s on-demand shows and movies are ad-free. This service doesn’t need an ad-free upgrade. AMC+ is separate from AMC Premiere and is only available in the US.

AMC+ price?

This doesn’t offer ad-supported or ad-free subscriptions. It is ad-free. AMC Plus pricing varies. Where you get AMC+ determines the price. Directly from the AMC website or app, a subscription costs $7/month with annual payment ($84/year). AMC+ costs $9/mo if you pay monthly. Cable providers and streaming services set their prices for AMC+.

Sling TV and Hulu offer $7/mo AMC+. AMC+ on Roku costs $9/mo. Amazon Prime Video offers AMC+ for $9/month. If you want the best deal, sign up through the AMC+ app and add it to a Fire TV stick or Roku (where you can also consolidate your other favorite apps and channels).

What are AMC+ Features?

Where you buy AMC+ determines its features. AMC+’s on-demand app has no DVR or lives programming. No extras are available. You may get more features if you buy AMC+ through Hulu + Live TV.

AMC+ Devices and Services

AMC+ Devices and Services


If you get AMC+ from the website or app, you can start streaming on-demand content immediately. Web browsers, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Fire TV.

Search Apple TV for AMC+ to add it to your channels. Add AMC+ to your Amazon Prime Video account, or search for it on The Roku Channel.

Several TV providers offer AMC+. Comcast Xfinity’s Xfinity Flex remote lets you buy an AMC+ subscription by saying “AMC Plus.” Dish Network and DirecTV have AMC+ on demand.

If you use Sling TV or YouTube TV, you can add AMC+ to your monthly subscription. Any of these apps should let you watch AMC+ on your phone or tablet. Major smart TV brands offer most of these services.


AMC+ has apps for iOS and Android. The app provides AMC+ content. You can also access AMC+ content through paid apps. Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video both have streaming apps for AMC+. These apps include “favorites” lists and user profiles.

AMC+ Add-ons

AMC+ features popular AMC shows, exclusive AMC+ series, and content from AMC, BBC America, IFC, SundanceTV, Shudder, Sundance Now, and IFC Films Unlimited. AMC+’s on-demand content is ad-free.

The Walking Dead fans got early access to Season 11 on AMC+. AMC+ also airs Walking Dead: World Beyond and Fear the Walking Dead’s latest season.

AMC+ has all of Mad Men’s seasons. Gangs of London and Spy City are newer shows on AMC+. On-demand streaming lets you watch AMC shows, like Kevin Can F**k Himself, a day early.

AMC+ uses IFC, Sundance, and Shudder on-demand libraries. Watch Riviera and Boyhood. Tragedy Girls, High Tension, Ms. 45, and all seasons of Creepshow are available.



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